Semester Signature Courses

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Art Boot Camp

4th Grade: Do you love art?  Come be creative with above-and-beyond art projects. (Mrs. Carolyn Marks)


Kinder-4th grade: Help us make our campus beautiful! (Mrs. Misty Emms)


3rd-4th Grade: Bloxels is a hands-on video game design program.  Scholars will use the bloxels set and friendly software to create and play their own video game. (Ms. Maegan Cortez)

Caring Cards

Kinder-4th Grade: Want to spread a little sunshine and help make our community a more positive place to live, work, and play? Join the Caring Cards Club where we uplift others through our encouraging words and thoughts. (Mrs. Brenda Glass & Mrs. Beverly Newth)


3rd-4th Grade: Athletes will learn how to jump, tumble, stunt and cheer! (Mrs. Kaila Athens/Ms. Kelsey Marshall)


Kinder-4th Grade: Use your strategies to become a chess master, or just have fun learning a new game!  We will start with the basics, so you don't have to know how to play to join us for some friendly chess battles. (Mrs. Kim Greig)

Chinese Calligraphy

3rd-4th grade: Learning the use of the brush pen to paint traditional Chinese characters. (Mr. Scott Schmidt)

Coding with Scratch

3rd-4th Grade: Explore beginning coding using Scratch. (Mrs. Susan Morrison)

Coloring K-1

Kinder-1st Grade: Create amazing artwork using crayons, markers, and colored pencils, while working on your fine motor skills, mental focus, and the creative process. (Mrs. Doris Singleton & Mrs. Anne Deen)

Coloring 2-4

2nd-4th Grade: "Never Let Anyone Dull Your Shine" Join us for a fun time of coloring with crayons, colored pencils, and markers.  Not only is coloring fun, but also it can improve fine motor skills, handwriting, spatial awareness, mental focus, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.


Kinder-4th Grade: Have fun learning all types of games, including cards and board games. (Mrs. Pamela Meyer & Mrs. Kay Garrison)

Hip Hop

Kinder-2nd Grade: Enjoy dancing and music?  This club will focus on choreography and musicality to hip hop music. (Mrs. Gwen Price)


Kinder-4th Grade: We will promote awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diverse cultures while having fun and meeting new friends.  Members will participate in a variety of activities, such as games, guest speakers, crafts, music, movies, etc.  We will also try to taste international foods. (Mrs. Stephanie Brantley)

Krafty Club

Kinder-4th Grade: Utilize creative skills to create crafts and special projects.  Crafts will center around specific themes and scholar interests. (Ms. Holly Miller & Mrs. Jaszmine Wilks)


Kinder-4th Grade: Grow your fine motor skills and creativity skills while building with Legos and K'Nex. (Mrs. Ann Diaz, Mrs. Kim Everhart, & Mrs. Lisa Eubanks)

Lego WeDo

1st-2nd Grade: LEGO WeDo is a hands-on STEM activity in which scholars work collaboratively in pairs with LEGO bricks and friendly software to solve engaging projects.  Scholars will be introduced to computational thinking and engineering principles in a fun and engaging way. (Mrs. Terri Franks)


Kinder-4th Grade: let's learn the Japanese art of paper folding and create ORIGAMI together! (Mrs. Kyna Eastlick)


3rd-4th Grade: Flash! Take pictures at school events, during clubs, and of day to day happenings, then display them in a creative way on school bulletin boards for ALL  to see! (Ms. Kristen Johnson)

Perler Beads

Kinder-4th Grade: Design, create, and have fun while working on hand-eye coordination, sorting, patterning, and counting. (Mrs. Teresa Martin)


Kinder-4th Grade: Improve your mental speed and short-term memory while having FUN with jigsaw puzzles! (Mrs. Cheryl Leggs)


Kinder-1st Grade: Is science your thing?  Then this is the signature course for you.  Our scholars will explore and have fun learning with hands-on science activities. (Mrs. Anissa Hogue & Ms. Brittney Howell)

Sign Language

2nd-4th Grade: Learn the basics of sign language and how to use it as a form of communication. (Coach David Johnson & Mrs. Carmen Sweeney)

Simply Speaking

3rd-4th Grade: Boost your confidence and improve communication skills through improv, reader's theater, and public speaking activities. (Mrs. Marcy Biggerstaff & Mrs. Sonja Endicott)


2nd-3rd Grade: Explore the concepts of STEM through hands-on challenges. (Mrs. Sarah Ewart)

Water Color Painting

Kinder-4th Grade: Calling all future artists!  Get your paintbrushes ready and add a splash of fun into your life by joining us as we use watercolors to recreate paintings by famous artists. (Mrs. Marcy Hopkins & Mr. Caleb Riemer)

Year Long Courses with Some After School Meetings

Math Pentathlon K-1, 2-3, & 4

Kinder-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade, & 4th Grade: This is a cooperative, volunteer-based club where scholars will engage in interactive math games that help develop problem-solving skills, along with math fluency, spatial concepts, computational concepts, and logical reasoning.  Scholars who participate will learn to compete and build confidence alongside their peers in a fun environment, while also reinforcing good sportsmanship.  There will be a tournament in the spring, where scholars will compete with other schools.  There will also be some after school meetings of this club. YEAR LONG COURSE (Mrs. Kristen Tong K-1, Mr. Jim Wilson 2-3, Mrs. Malisa Bobbitt 4)

Eagle Choir

3rd-4th Grade: Do you like to sing an perform? Join choir and sign and perform for our school and community events.  

Scholars must commit to rehearsals and performances at Toys for Tots on 12/5, the MISD Multicultural Fair 2/29, and our WBA concert on 5/5.

Choir meets on Signature course days during the school day, and there will be extra rehearsals before school on November 14th, January 6th, January 23rd, March 19th, April 30th, and May 5th from 7:15-7:45 a.m.    MAX. ENROLLMENT: 40

TRY-OUTS/AUDITIONS?: Yes. Tryouts will be after school on Thursday, September 5th.  Times will be set up with each student. YEAR LONG COURSE (Mrs. Robin Husband & Ms. DeeAnna Ownby)

National Elementary Honor Society (Willie Brown Charter)

Willie Brown Charter of the NEHS

Sponsor: Mrs. Kimberly Greig

The Willie Brown Honor Society chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization. Membership is open to those scholars who meet the required standards in four areas of evaluation: scholarship, responsibility, service, and leadership. Scholars are selected for membership by majority vote of a principal appointed faculty council, which bestows this honor upon qualified scholars on behalf of the faculty of our school. 

Scholars in grade four are eligible for membership. For the scholarship and responsibility criterion, a scholar must have attended the full spring semester of 3rd grade at Willie Brown and on their final report card from 3rd grade earned a cumulative grade average of at least 96%, maintained an Excellent in conduct for Homeroom, and maintained a Satisfactory in all CAMP classes.   Each year those scholars who meet this criterion from the previous school year are invited to complete the Candidate Form that provides the faculty council with information regarding the candidate’s leadership and service. 

All Candidate Forms are carefully reviewed by the faculty council to determine membership. A majority vote of the council is necessary for selection. Candidates are notified regarding selection or non-selection according to a predetermined schedule. 

Following notification, a formal induction ceremony is held at the school to recognize all the newly selected members. Once inducted, new members are required to maintain the same level of performance (or better) in all criteria that led to their selection. If a scholar fails to keep up the minimum criteria that led to their selection throughout the school year, they will be placed on probation from NEHS and given time to rectify the area in which they need improvement.  

You are invited to view the proposed calendar for the WBA Charter of the National Elementary Honor Society, as well as the bylaws and member obligations.