2020-2021 WBA Arrival Procedures Detailed

Willie Brown Academy of Young Scholars


The staff at WBA is committed to the safety of our scholars.  Therefore, we have established daily arrival and dismissal procedures.  When everyone follows these procedures, the protection of our scholars is maximized,  and they enter and exit the property in the most efficient and SAFE manner possible.  We appreciate your cooperation and willingness to work with us as we ensure that these daily transitions run safely and smoothly. 

●      Scholars may enter the building beginning at 7:30am.  Prior to 7:30, scholars are not supervised if dropped off.

●      Scholars enrolled in QUEST are provided care/supervision beginning at 7:00am.  Parents will bring these scholars to the main doors for check in.   

●      Scholars arriving by car between 7:30am and 8:00am should be dropped off in the front drive of the building.  There are 2 lanes in this driveway.  Staff members are on duty to assist with the traffic flow and ensure scholars safely navigate the grounds. 

●      When dropping off your child, please do not exit your vehicle.  Scholars exiting a vehicle that is in the right lane (nearest the building) should exit on the school side independently.  Scholars exiting a vehicle in the left lane should exit the left side of the vehicle and walk safely to the crosswalk.  A staff member will assist scholars in getting across the traffic. 

●      Scholars should be ready to exit their vehicle immediately once it enters the drop-off lane. 

●      Closely watch the staff member at the crosswalk for directions. 

●      The parking areas around the school are NOT to be used for independent drop-off and go.  These areas are only for those parents who will park and walk their child up to the building.  Parents escorting scholars should always use crosswalks. 



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