2020-2021 WBA Dismissal Procedures Detailed

Willie Brown Academy of Young Scholars


The staff at WBA is committed to the safety of our scholars.  Therefore, we have established daily arrival and dismissal procedures.  When everyone follows these procedures, the protection of our scholars is maximized,  and they enter and exit the property in the most efficient and SAFE manner possible.  We appreciate your cooperation and willingness to work with us as we ensure that these daily transitions run safely and smoothly. 

●      Scholars should be picked up from school no later than 3:45 daily. 

●      Scholars to be picked up by a parent will be dismissed from the gym.

●      Each family will receive a pick up tag at the beginning of the year.  Anyone picking up a child MUST show the school-provided tag in order to receive the child.  If the person does not have the pick-up sign, he/she will have to go to the front office and show their ID in order to pick up the child.  Additional tags can be requested in the office. 

●      The car pick-up line forms in the east driveway and flows behind the building.  This is a double-laned drive.  Please display the pick-up tag in your vehicle window and a staff member will call your child from the gym to come out to the car.  There will be staff assisting scholars to vehicles. Please do NOT get out of your car to assist your child in buckling.  You may move forward to a parking spot and then assist your child.   Please watch staff closely for directions. 

●      Scholars who are not picked up by 3:45 will be taken to the front office for release.  Anyone picking up after 3:45 will need to come to the main entrance, show their pick-up tag or ID, and sign the scholar out. 

●      Please never park in fire lanes or on the grass.  If there is not an available parking space, you should join the car pick-up line. 

●      Scholars who walk home from school will be escorted by staff members to the crosswalks at Cannon Dr.  Parents are not permitted to drive through the front drive at the end of the day, or park in the front parking lot to wait on scholars to come to them. 

●      Scholars who are considered “walkers” are not supervised by school staff once they are escorted to the crosswalks.  The scholars should begin walking home immediately. 

●      The drive that is directly in the front of the building must be kept clear for busses and day- care transportation. 

2020-2021 WBA Dismissal Procedures Graphic


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