WBA Edible Art Show

Mrs. Marks, our fabulous, amazing, and wonderful WBA art teacher, has announced a special event to be showcased at this year's Field Day, on April 22nd: the Edible Art Show, featuring the work of our third and fourth graders.

You may wonder: What is an edible art project? Mrs. Marks shares that it is, "a 3D representation made entirely of, and held together by, items that are meant to be edible (people food)."

She adds, "There are lots of ways you can go with this," pointing third and fourth grade scholars to the Edible Art Project Directions, featuring some super ideas to get those creative juices flowing.  Additional information about participation may be found in the document as well.

For those third and fourth grade Eagle parents who may worry about how expensive participation in the Edible Art Project event might be, Mrs. Marks advises that, "it does not have to be expensive.  One of the most imaginative and best projects I have ever had a student make, cost the parents a little under $10 total.  It was so creative, and they did not have to break the bank..."  Mrs. Marks further encouraged scholars, saying that, "I am giving you all of this information now, so you will have (time) to plan."

Scholars are advised not to begin building their projects "more than two days before the due date", because it is "made of food".  "The longer food sits out, the yuckier it starts to look (and smell)," says Mrs. Marks.

Other helpful hints and expectations may be found in the Edible Art Project Directions, including how to label and transport your edible art creations to school on Field Day.

The entire WBA community of students, staff, and families will be able to see the Edible Art contributions, since it will be a station at Field Day.

To recap, Mrs. Marks offers final notes of caution: 

1) Edible Art Projects are due on Friday, April 22nd, and not before.

2) Fourth grade must participate.

 3) All projects must be brought in a DISPOSABLE container.

4) Your ENTIRE PROJECT, except your disposable carrying container (pan, plate, etc.), must be made of people food.

We can't wait to see your masterpieces!!