Growing Bluebonnet Voters at Willie Brown

Each year, school librarians in the state of Texas share a special list of books known as the Texas Bluebonnet Award Masterlist.  These twenty (20) titles are geared toward students in grades three through six and feature a combination of genres, including narrative nonfiction, fantasy, picture books, and more.  Third through sixth grade Texas readers are invited to read at least five of the titles on the list in order to be eligible to vote for their favorite in January.

At Willie Brown, Bluebonnet voters are grown, beginning in second grade.  Those current second grade readers, we are hopeful, will turn in to third grade voters.  We plan ahead!  WBA scholars are further advised that they may read Bluebonnet candidates now, during the summer, and throughout the fall semester and holidays.  No matter where they are found, whether at Barnes and Noble, online at WBA PTA Book Fairs or Amazon, or even at the Mansfield Public Library, WBA scholars are free to pick these Bluebonnets! 

Presently, our scholars have already read three of the titles on the 2021-2022 list.  Our Eagles are 60% complete in their eligibility to vote this coming January 2022.  WBA's librarian, Mrs. Dressel, is confident all third and fourth grade scholars will be eligible to vote for their favorite Bluebonnet.

Which book will win?  Stay tuned to hear the winner of the Bluebonnet Award announced in March 2022!

TEXAS BLUEBONNET AWARD Masterlist 2021-2022