School Supply Sale in Full Swing

Who wouldn't like to get back a little time in their day?  What if doing something simple could save your sanity in these busy, trying times? 

Wonder no more and look no further! 

It is time to place your pre-order for next years' school supplies for grades Pre-K-Fourth Grade.

Skip the lines!  Save some gas!  Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your scholar has exactly what he or she needs to be ready when school starts again in the fall!  These customized kits meet all of these requirements and offer so many advantages!

But every silver lining comes with a cloud...this pre-order opportunity is available only for a limited time!  The sale ends May 30th!!!

See the flyer for additional information.  Use the link and code below to place your order:

Code: BRO162

Act now while supplies last!